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Unlicensed charity collections and pending applications

Some collections do not need a licence. Unlicensed collections and those pending approval are listed below.

Unlicensed companies/charities

The following commercial clothing collection companies and/or charities have been refused permission to collect in Runnymede within the last 7 years:

  • Anya
  • Byronswell
  • Charitability (for Medequip4kids)
  • E and C Export Ltd
  • GT Recycling
  • Intersecond Ltd (for Do Not Delay, Mercy Ships and Heart UK)
  • Sanctex
  • SOS Clothes Ltd in 2010 and 2014 (Tree of Hope)
  • SOS Support Ltd/Audosta (for Children's Hearts and Children's Aid Foundation).

Information received from residents (usually collection bags being delivered to residents) suggests that the following commercial clothing collection companies and/or charities could be operating in Runnymede without a licence - those highlighted in bold have been reported to us within the last 12 months:

  • Byronswell (for Dreams Come True)
  • Intersecond Ltd (for Do Not Delay)
  • E S T & Partners
  • The Hand of Help UK Ltd
  • Help Sick Children
  • Hands of Help
  • Two Sisters
  • Helping Arms Ltd
  • Cancer Research and Genetics UK (Recycle Proline - also subject to an ASA ruling regarding their bags) - please note that Recycle Proline have confirmed this to be an unauthorised collection by persons not acting under their authority.
  • Audosta (Children's Hearts Charity and Tree of Hope)
  • UXT British Recycling Company (Breast Cancer Partnership, Cancer Recovery Foundation)
  • SOS Clothes Ltd (Tree of Hope) Please note that SOS Clothes Ltd have confirmed that they have not been operating in this borough.  Residents are advised that the bags distributed in Runnymede in January 2017 are not an authorised appeal
  • Skyecycle (National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline) - Skyecycle have confirmed it was them collecting without a licence and have been asked by the charity to apply and not collect until a licence has been granted
  • ECS Textiles Ltd (Forces Support) - Please note that ECS Textiles have confirmed this to be an unauthorised collection by persons not acting under their authority and have advised residents not to respond to this appeal in Runnymede

Pending applications

The following applications have been received but no licence has been granted to date pending further information requested and/or being considered - those highlighted in bold have made applications within the last 12 months:

  • Recycling and Management Services (Be Child Cancer Aware and  Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bone Tumour Service)
  • Unicare (Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance)
  • Unicare (NKF Supporting Kidney Patients Fundraising)
  • UK Clothing Caravan (Army of Angels) - New application December 2016.
  • Recycle Proline (Cancer Research and Genetics) - new application May 2017
  • Intersecond (Heart UK) - new application May 2017
  • Skyecycle (NHBCH) - new application October 2017

Compliance Guidance for Commercial Participators (Commercial Clothing Collections)

The Committee of Advertising Practice has published pdf icon guidance [494kb] which explains how commercial participators should amend their advertising on charity bags to comply with a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority which requires commercial participants to communicate their name and company status on both sides of the bag.  If the bag features a charity's name it must not be given greater prominence than the name of the company undertaking the collection.  Commercial clothing collection companies were required to amend their advertising by 2 June 2017.

Those who are unable or unwilling to follow the rules may be referred by the ASA to Trading Standards under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

The House of Commons published a briefing paper called Bogus Charity Clothing Collections in May 2017.

Please contact us if you are not sure whether a collection is authorised.

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