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Telecare is a range of sensors and monitors which are linked to a community alarm and provides support and assistance for people of any age with specific disabilities and needs.

 We can install a range of Telecare sensors to help you live safely in your home and give you extra peace of mind.

What devices are available?

  • Wireless smoke detectors - which alert you and our operators if there is a fire in your home.
  • Fall detectors - worn on your belt or wrist, they alert us if you fall, without any need for you to activate your alarm.
  • Pill dispensers - which make managing medication simple and reduce mistakes. The dispenser gives you access to the right number of pills at the right time and will alert us if they are not taken.
  • Bed and chair sensors - which can alert us if you have got out of your chair or bed and not returned within a specified time, or if you've not gone to bed by a certain time.
  • Flood detectors - which tell us if there is a flood in your home.
  • Gas and carbon monoxide detectors - to alert us if there are any leaks.
  • Bogus caller alert - enabling you to contact us with the simple press of a button if you are concerned about anyone at your door.
  • Door contacts - particularly useful for people prone to wandering, these can alert us when your front door has been opened, or not closed after a period of time.
  • Movement detectors - which can either alert us when there has been no movement in your home for a certain time, or if intruders are detected.

What do they cost?

Renting a community alarm costs £4.90 + VAT per week. There are no extra charges for additional Telecare sensors.

To apply

If you would like to apply for any of these devices or to discuss your needs, please get in touch with the Community Alarm team.

You can also read our Guide To Community Alarms and Telecare Equipment.

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