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Conduct of the meeting

The order of business for each meeting is set out in the agenda. The agenda contains detailed reports prepared by officers on each item under consideration.

Unless a matter is exceptionally urgent it cannot be debated if it has not been included on the agenda. At the beginning of most reports is an synopsis and the course of action recommended by officers. This is not a formal motion before the Committee unless one of the Members specifically moves it (in which case you may hear the expression "move as set down"). However, councillors are at liberty to put forward a different motion if they wish.

Once a motion has been moved and seconded it may be considered by the Committee in accordance with the rules of debate set out in "Standing Orders" (the Council's internal rules and regulations). Councillors who are not members of the Committee may speak with the permission of the Chairman but cannot vote. Officers introduce agenda reports to the Committee and give technical and professional advice but do not otherwise participate in the debate. They are not allowed to vote. If a vote is taken and the result is a tie the Chairman may exercise a second, or casting, vote.

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