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Declarations of interest

All councillors and co-opted members are required to observe the Runnymede Code of Conduct to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their duties. Under the Code, councillors are under a strict duty to declare an interest at a meeting of one of the Council's committees and sub-committees if they have an interest in any matter under debate, as set out in the Localism Act 2011.  What happens then depends upon the nature and significance of their interest.

A councillor with a disclosable pecuniary interest must leave the room while the matter is discussed.  If the interest is a non-pecuniary interest the councillor will still need to declare the interest but will be able to remain in the meeting and participate in the proceedings. However, sometimes a councillor will leave the room even if their interest is non-pecuniary if their interest could be regarded as so significant that it could prejudice the councillor's judgement of the public interest.

The Council has also adopted a supplementary Members Planning Code of Good Practice and a Licensing Code of Conduct and Licensing Rules of Procedure plus other protocols and rules of procedure as set out in the Constitution.

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