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Exclusion of press and public

Although as much as possible of the Committees' business is conduced in public there are, inevitably, some items which need to be considered in private. In order not to inconvenience the public these are usually dealt with towards the end of the meeting. The press and public must be excluded from the meeting if it is likely that "confidential" information will be discussed. This only applies where statute, Court Order or the Government specifically prevent the Council from disclosing information and is very rare. However, the Committee may also choose to exclude the public if certain sensitive information is likely to be discussed. This might, for example, relate to the financial or business affairs of a person or organisation, personnel matters, commercial and contractual information or legal advice. This is known as "exempt" information.

Most confidential and exempt reports are listed in Part II of the agenda and have not been made publicly available. However, the Committee may also decide to consider any item listed in Part I in private if it becomes apparent that exempt information might be discussed during the debate.

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