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Map showing Runnymede's location in the region.

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Census, 2011 information:

  • Area: 7,804 hectares
  • Green Belt: 6,078 hectares
  • Electorate: 59,241

Key demographic statistics related to the population of Runnymede can be seen below.



South East regionEngland
2011 Population: All Usual Residents80,5108,634,75053,012,456
2011 Population: Males39,1484,239,29826,069,148
2011 Population: Females41,3624,395,45226,943,308
2011 Age Structure: 0-17 years19.3%21.5%21.4%
2011 Age Structure: 18-44 years38.7%35.2%36.9%
2011 Age Structure: 45-64 years25.2%26.1%25.4%
2011 Age Structure: 64+ years16.8%17.1%16.4%
Mean Age39.740.039.3
2011 Density (number of persons per hectare)
All Households32,7143,555,46322,063,368
All households who owned their accommodation outright33.1%32.5%30.6%
All households who owned their accommodation with a mortgage or loan36.4%35.1%32.8%
Very Good Health51.3%49%47.2%
Good Health34.1%34.6%34.2%
Day-to-Day Activities Limited a Lot5.9%6.9%8.3%
Economically Active; Employee; Full-Time41.3%40.4%38.6%
Economically Active; Employee; Part-Time12.1%13.8%13.7%
Economically Active; Self-Employed10.7%11%9.8%
Economically Active; Unemployed2.7%3.4%4.4%
People aged 16 and over with 5 or more GCSEs grade A-C, or equivalent14.4%15.9%15.2%
People aged 16 and over with no formal qualifications18.3%19.1%22.5%

Office for National Statistics, 2011 Census. Key Figures for 2011 Census: Key Statistics. Downloaded from: This information is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence

In the 2011 census the population of Runnymede was 80,510 and is made up of approximately 51% females and 49% males.

The average age of people in Runnymede is 40, while the median age is lower at 39.

80.2% of people living in Runnymede were born in England. Other top answers for country of birth were 1.4% Scotland, 1.2% India, 1.1% United States, 1.1% Wales, 1.0% Ireland, 1.0% South Africa, 0.8% China, 0.7% Philippines, 0.4% South America.

runnymede people 1

91.9% of people living in Runnymede speak English. The other top languages spoken are 0.8% All other Chinese, 0.7% Polish, 0.5% Spanish, 0.4% Tagalog/Filipino, 0.4% Italian, 0.4% French, 0.3% Portuguese, 0.3% German, 0.3% Russian.

runnymede people 2

The religious make up of Runnymede is 63.4% Christian, 23.4% No religion, 1.9% Muslim, 1.5% Hindu, 0.7% Sikh, 0.6% Buddhist, 0.3% Jewish, 0.1% Agnostic.

5,811 people did not state a religion. 342 people identified as a Jedi Knight and 12 people said they believe in Heavy Metal.

runnymede people 3

47.6% of people are married, 10.6% cohabit with a member of the opposite sex, 0.7% live with a partner of the same sex, 25.6% are single and have never married or been in a registered same sex partnership, 7.9% are separated or divorced. There are 3,889 widowed people living in Runnymede.

The top occupations listed by people in Runnymede are Professional 18.9%, Associate professional and technical 14.4%, Managers, directors and senior officials 13.4%, Administrative and secretarial 12.4%, Skilled trades 10.5%, Corporate managers and directors 9.3%, Elementary 9.1%, Caring, leisure and other service 9.0%, Administrative 8.8%, Elementary administration and service 8.5%.

Economic statistics

Number of enterprises

South East377,445
Great Britain2,382,370

Source: ONS data (Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR))

Size of enterprises

Number of VAT and/or PAYE Enterprises by Size BandRunnymede (%)Surrey (%)SE (%GB (%)
0-9 persons (micro)88.7 (3,585)90.7 (55,740)89.488.7
10-49 persons (small)8.2 (330)7.5 (4,610)8.79.3
50-249 persons (medium)2.4 (95)1.4 (855)1.51.6
250 or more persons (large)0.9 (35)0.4 (225)0.40.4

Source: Inter Departmental Business Register (ONS) 2015 Business Count

Key sectors of employment

SectorRunnymedeSurreySouth EastUK
Accommodation, food services & recreation10.010.7%10.4%9.7%
Agriculture, forestry & fishing0.2%0.5%1.0%1.3%
Extraction & mining0.0%0.2%0.1%0.2%
Finance & insurance3.3%4.2%3.1%3.4%
Information & communication10.1%6.4%6.0%4.0%
Professional & other private services27.9%25.4%21.8%21.5%
Public services21.8%23.2%24.8%25.6%
Transport & storage2.7%2.7%4.3%4.7%
Wholesale & retail12.1%14.2%15.0%14.7%
Workforce jobs100.0100.0100.0100.0

Source: Experian Local Labour Market Forecasts September 2015.

Indices of Multiple Deprivation

Details of the indices of Multiple Deprivation by sub-region can be found in the document below.

pdf icon Indices of Multiple Deprivation [263kb]

Twin Towns

Runnymede is twinned with Bergisch Gladbach, situated 10 miles east of Cologne; Herndon, Virginia, about 20 miles west of Washington, D.C.; and Joinville-le-Pont, located to the east of Paris.

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