New community hub in Egham to support local people

@ the lit

A new cultural community hub will be launched in Egham after Runnymede Borough Council gave permission for the ground floor of The Literary Institute to be transformed.

Located in the heart of Egham town, the new '@ The Lit' will independently act as a centre for learning and engagement hosting various performing arts and community groups, artist exhibitions, workshops, craft activities and many more events which will be available once Government restrictions allow.

The vision also aims to:

  • be a welcoming and enjoyable space for residents supporting societal wellness
  • offer an exciting and inspiring cultural destination for tourists to learn more about Historic Egham
  • support the current regeneration of Egham town centre

At present, the building is home to The Egham Museum on the first floor which explores the history of the local area from its earliest settlers in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages to the present day.  The Museum has been a pro-active supporter of the Lit vision for the last two years with the Curator establishing with the separate '@ The Lit' Working Group in 2019.

Sarah Corn, Curator of The Egham Museum, said: "The Literary Institute has played an important role in the town since is development in the late 18th century, changing as the need required.  Local groups and societies used the building to host their meetings and events, and for many, it was their adoptive home. It has long been the aim of many residents to see The Literary Institute once again be at the heart of the community.  We are extremely excited that this vision is now turning into a reality where more people can access heritage, culture, and creativity together in one place."

Cllr Mark Adams, member of the '@ The Lit' Working Group, said: "After coronavirus, the hub will be a great facility for local people to reconnect again safely, make friends and reduce loneliness.

"The hub will build on Egham's history and add to our lively 21st century community life so we can all be proud of the area we live in and encourage people from further afield to visit."

Find out more about the project by visiting the '@ the Lit' website.