Petitions Register

Please note that we only need to keep the paperwork for individual petitions for 3 years in line with our Document Retention Schedule.

Petitions Register
DateSubjectBusiness CentreNo. of valid signaturesOutcomePetitioner NotifiedReview Requested
26.08.2010Hackney Carriage LicencesEnvironmental Services62Reported to Regulatory Committee 14.09.2010 No further ActionYesNo
23.07.2011Englefield Green Environmental ImprovementsEngineering667Reported to Environment and Sustainability Committee 22.09.2011YesNo
23.10.2011Magna Carta Visitors CentreLaw and Governance502Presented at full Council, considered by Corporate Management and Community Services Committees.YesNo
14.01.2013Chertsey Hall Hire ChargesCommunity Development198Officers met with the petitionersYesNo
16.04.2013Save the Green Belt Dera SitePlanning1929Presented to full Council 24.10.2013YesNo
03.12.2013prohibit badger culling on Council owned landCommunity Development12Considered by Parks Officers and responded toYesNo
30.12.14Hackney Carriage and Private Hire fees and chargesEnvironmental Services40Considered by Regulatory Committee 15.01.2015YesNo
20.01.2015Car Parking at St Peter's HospitalPlanning1542Considered by full Council 05.03.2015YesNo
06.07.2015Proposals for taxi ranks provision in EghamEnvironmental Services1749Considered by Regulatory Committee and referred to full Council 22.10.2015YesNo
11.08.2015vehicles parked in Staines Lane, ChertseyPlanning39Considered by Corporate Management Committee 27.08.2015YesNo
07.09.2015'Gym on the Green'Community Development2Considered by Officers, no further actionYesNo
26.04.2016'being able to stay in my home'Tenancy Management243Considered by the Housing department.YesNo
23.05.2016'car park fees'Chief Executive1851Considered by full Council, Corporate Management and full Council again on 20.10.2016Yescomplaint that matter not fully debated. Not upheld
04.10.2016windows at Floral HouseHousing Maintenance20Considered by Housing Officers;
responded to 05.10.2016
13.10.2016Addlestone Level CrossingPlanning4submitted to Surrey County Council and Network Rail, responded to 27.04.2017YesNo
15.06.2017St George's College Licensing applicationEnvironmental Services49Considered by Licensing Sub-Committee 05.07.2017YesNo
19.07.2017'FrankStrawberry' CCTVHousing88considered by Housing Officers;
responded to 27.09.2017
17.12.2017RBC Local PlanPlanning14considered by Planning Officers;
responded to 20.02.2018. No further action
18.10.2018closure of Lloyds Bank in AddlestoneChief Executive355considered by full Council 18.10.2018 responded to 22.10.2018YesNo
18.05.2019Climate EmergencyEnvironmental Services155considered by Environmental Health Officers; responded to 05.05.2020YesNo
11.08.2019surface of Heathervale Recreation GroundCommunity Development18considered by Parks Officers; some areas repaired to be kept under review responded to 21.10.2019YesNo
09.04.2020Ban bonfires during lockdownPeter BurkeN/a

Petition rejected and responded to 14.04.2020

05.06.2020Yellow BusesCommunity Services

440 as at 24.06.2020
(plus 70 unconfirmed signatures)

Report on yellow Buses being considered at Corporate Management Committee on 25.06.2020
Petition closed and responded to 18.09.2020

15.11.2020HMO Article 4 directionAshley Smith26 as at 16.02.2021Petition closed and responded to 17.02.2021YesNo
16.01.2021proposed development in Green LaneAshley SmithN/aPetition rejected and responded to 22.01.2021YesNo