Refuse collections during extremely hot weather

refuse collection truck

Refuse collections are continuing as normal this week but the Council is planning to carry out collections earlier in the morning during the current extremely hot weather.

For this week only, residents are asked to put their refuse out late in the evening on the night before it is due to be picked up, as collections will start from around 5am.

This is to help the Council look after our on-street staff who will start work earlier to finish their rounds before the Sun is at its hottest. Collectors are being reminded to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks, and to look out for each other. Managers will be out and about to check on their teams.

The Met Office suggests temperatures could exceed the 38 degrees Celsius during the day on Thursday, while overnight temperatures remain high at 20-23 degrees Celsius.

The Council apologises to residents for any inconvenience this might cause and for any early morning noise as a result of collections, but senior staff believe it is important all our workers are looked after.