Anti-social behaviour in the spotlight

ASB Awareness Week

Council officers and partners, including Surrey Police, will be stepping up action against antisocial behaviour (ASB) across the borough this week, targeting fly tipping, waste checks and nuisance behaviour.

Their aim is to identify and deal with ASB and to highlight the issues it causes, as part of the annual ASB Awareness week.

During ASB Awareness week the Environmental Health department will be conducting waste carrier checks with police, as well as patrolling areas of interest to assist in tackling fly-tipping within the borough. Housing officers will be joining the police to conduct visits to homes in order to tackle ASB.

In addition, Crimestoppers will be visiting Runnymede to reach out to residents and young people. On Tuesday 23 July they will be at Tesco, Addlestone from 9am-noon, and Pooley Green Recreation Ground from 1pm-4pm. Police and Council officers will also be there to talk to residents about their work and offer advice.

Anti-social behaviour takes many forms and it can be difficult to work out which organisation to turn to for help. Anti-social Behaviour Awareness Week will help to ensure that victims know who to speak to, and what can be done to deal with it so that local issues can be quickly resolved.

The Council can deal with issues, including: 

  • Neighbour nuisance
  • Graffiti
  • Vehicles causing an obstruction
  • Criminal damage
  • Nuisance behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Drug dealing/abuse
  • Inappropriate vehicle use

Cllr John Furey, Chair of the Council's Crime and Disorder Committee, said, "We're tackling anti-social behaviour every week through patrols, CCTV, community intelligence and other enforcement tools. We hope that the awareness week will encourage people suffering from ASB to speak out and get help, as well as reassure our residents that we are working hard, alongside our partners, to protect people and communities."

"Poor behaviour can have a huge impact on the lives of those involved, and is likely to affect everybody at some point. We want to help spread the word that if it has an impact on you, please do not suffer in silence."

The Council takes a holistic approach to anti-social behaviour, and this week will highlight the work we do in collaboration with our partners to tackle it.

It is important for individuals to know how different agencies can support them, but also to know of other self-help services such as mediation and victim support. Issues can often be resolved through these forms of activities.

Surrey Police lead on anti-social behaviour, Superintendent Graham Barnett, said: "We won't tolerate situations where people are too frightened to walk outside their own home in case they come face to face with an intimidating neighbour or they have to endure excessive noise and foul language from others.

"Nor will we accept groups of drug dealers who target and exploit vulnerable people and literally move into their homes so they can continue their drug activity.

"Where there's a problem with anti-social behaviour, we work with victims to deal with the issues they are facing, as well as with those behaving in an anti-social way to give them an understanding of the impact of their actions and discourage further unwanted behaviour."

Find out more about ASB here, or use our antisocial behaviour reporting form if you need help. Alternatively, call the Council on 01932 838383, the police on 101 or if you are in an emergency situation, call 999.