Ensuring tenants have modern, comfortable homes

Parkside pre-fab house

Runnymede Borough Council has announced a review into the future of pre-fabricated houses it owns in New Haw.

The Council's highest priority from the review will be to ensure current and future tenants have a comfortable, modern home, and it has now started to consider how to best improve accommodation standards into the future to achieve this.

The properties which will form part of the review were built after World War Two to meet the post-war housing demand, and were initially designed to last for 30 years. These properties have now been quality homes for many years, remain safe and are still lived in, however they cannot be maintained indefinitely.

Cllr Jacqui Gracey, Chair of the Council's Housing Committee, and a New Haw ward councillor, said: "This review is an important step in ensuring continued quality housing for tenants and local residents in New Haw. The pre-fabricated houses were not designed to last forever, and we must now make a significant decision about their long-term viability.

"As the best option could involve replacement and redevelopment in the area, it's really important to us that tenants and nearby residents are involved throughout the process, including through a full consultation. This will provide the community with an opportunity to shape and challenge proposals that eventually emerge."

The review is at a very early stage - so far only initial ideas have been drawn up - but the Council wants to be open and transparent by confirming that it has started this exercise, and that work with tenants and the wider community will take place to deliver the best possible outcome for all.

Tenants are being written to individually and will be supported throughout the process, with Council officers available to answer concerns or queries. If a decision is made to redevelop some or all of the homes, housing options for tenants will be made with them based on individual circumstances closer to the time.

Any residents or tenants with questions or comments should initially contact Amanda Kendall at the Council on 01932 425872 or Amanda.Kendall@runnymede.gov.uk.

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