Election results: Thursday 2 May 2019

Counting of votes for the local elections held on Thursday 2 May took place on Friday 3 May.

Results will appear on this page as they are announced through Friday 3 May.

Addlestone North ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Michael Robert BrierleyGreen408 (Elected)
James BroadheadConservative414 (Elected)
Keith David CollettIndependent274
Adrian Anthony ElstonLabour252
Anne Emerson-MillerLabour278
Stuart Andrew LawrenceLiberal Democrat263
Stewart Mark MackayIndependent408 (Elected)
David William ParrConservative388
Michael William ScottLabour205
Peter James WaddellConservative330

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4293

Ballot papers issued: 1219

Rejected ballot papers: 12

Turnout: 28.40

Addlestone South ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Noel Martin DanielsLabour416
John Raymond FureyConservative655 (Elected)
Gavin Tennent MorrisonLabour411
Peter SnowConservative690 (Elected)
June Patricia TilburyLabour465
James TurnerUKIP313
Jonathan James WilsonConservative658 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4903

Ballot papers issued: 1437

Rejected ballot papers: 22

Turnout: 29.31%

Chertsey Riverside ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Joseph Vincent BlakeLabour288
Dolsie Vaughan ClarkeConservative540 (Elected)
Derek Alban CottyConservative543 (Elected)
Stephen Luke DennettConservative534 (Elected)
Tina Miranda JenkinsLabour334
Annabel Mary JonesLiberal Democrat356
Peter KinghamLabour263

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4394

Ballot papers issued: 1114

Rejected ballot papers: 30

Turnout: 25.35%

Chertsey St Ann's ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Richard Joseph EdisConservative601 (Elected)
Kevin Thomas LeeLiberal Democrat363
Philip James MartinLabour and Co-Operative384
Edmund Alan MooreLabour and Co-Operative333
Mark Gordon NutiConservative675 (Elected)
Bernie Charles StaceyLabour and Co-Operative324
Myles Lee WillingaleConservative553 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4869

Ballot papers issued: 1322

Rejected ballot papers: 36

Turnout: 27.15%

Egham Hythe ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Adam Feroze Manzoor AbbasLabour and Co-operative557
Mark Raymond AdamsConservative585 (Elected)
Robert Ashley KingLabour and Co-Operative598 (Elected)
Yvonna Pia LayConservative567
Arran Richard NeatheyLabour and Co-Operative574 (Elected)
Gillian WarnerConservative563

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4999

Ballot papers issued: 1296

Rejected ballot papers: 72

Turnout: 25.93%

Egham Town ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Alan AldersonRunnymede Independent Residents' Group1027 (Elected)
Brian Anthony ClarkeRunnymede Independent Residents' Group900 (Elected)
David CoenConservative358
Jacqueline Mary FletcherLabour232
Maureen Catherine Elizabeth FureyConservative258
William Keith HealLabour205
David Calum James MacPheeConservative218
Isabel Alice MullensRunnymede Independent Residents' Group1031 (Elected)
Katie Violet RegardsoeLabour207

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4530

Ballot papers issued: 1545

Rejected ballot papers: 10

Turnout: 34.11%

Englefield Green East ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Dominic John BreenLabour and Co-Operative200
William Christopher Ian HayesLabour and Co-Operative197
Ian David HeathLiberal Democrat215
Marisa Natalia HeathConservative455 (Elected)
David John KnightIndependent254
Japneet Kaur SohiConservative346 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 2

Electorate: 2956

Ballot papers issued: 900

Rejected ballot papers: 4

Turnout: 30.45%

Englefield Green West ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Andrea BerardiGreen405
James Rhys DaviesLabour299
Abby Louise KingLabour337
Nigel Michael KingConservative497(Elected)
Michael Touros KusneraitisConservative481(Elected)
Jason Doig MylesUKIP200
Nicholas Hugh PrescotConservative437(Elected)
Jack Eugeniusz StokesLabour203

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 3706

Ballot papers issued: 1127

Rejected ballot papers: 5

Turnout: 30.41%

Longcross, Lyne and Chertsey South ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Robert Ian BromleyConservative319
Theresa Lois BurtonLiberal Democrat419 (Elected)
Christopher David ButcherUKIP150
John Gerard KavanaghConservative254
Anthony Robert MicklethwaitUKIP155
Angela ShepperdsonConservative290
Benjamin Timothy George SmithGreen171
Donald James WhyteLiberal Democrat539 (Elected)
Sylvia Jane WhyteLiberal Democrat526 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 2580

Ballot papers issued: 1013

Rejected ballot papers: 5

Turnout: 39.26%

New Haw ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Jennifer Jane CoulonLiberal Democrat551
Jacqueline Mary GraceyConservative777 (Elected)
Mark James MaddoxConservative737 (Elected)
James Richard MullettLabour362
Stephen David WalshConservative679 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4945

Ballot papers issued: 1377

Rejected ballot papers: 34

Turnout: 27.85%

Ottershaw ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Iftikhar ChaudhriConservative517 (Elected)
Malcolm David CresseyIndependent1046 (Elected)
John Colin GurneyLabour273
John OlorenshawIndependent1047 (Elected)
Neill William RubidgeConservative503
Shannon Kerry Niomi Saise-MarshallConservative494
Eleanor Florence WhyteLiberal Democrat358
Graham Frank WoodUKIP387

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4832

Ballot papers issued: 1788

Rejected ballot papers: 3

Turnout: 37.00%

Thorpe ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Nayier Latif AhmadLabour157
William Albert BrunoUKIP216
Charles Michael CollinsConservative325
Elaine GillRunnymede Independent Residents' Group990 (Elected)
Linda Mary GillhamRunnymede Independent Residents' Group946 (Elected)
Margaret Theresa HarndenRunnymede Independent Residents' Group920 (Elected)
Joseph William Harry RoyalLabour156
June Dorothy SeagerConservative301
Nicholas John Wase-RogersConservative327

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4372

Ballot papers issued: 1605

Rejected ballot papers: 7

Turnout: 36.71%

Virginia Water ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Christopher Paul HoworthConservative937 (Elected)
Jonathan HulleyConservative927 (Elected)
James Lloyd NealLabour and Co-Operative321
Maliha Malika RezaLabour and Co-Operative284
Parshotam Singh SohiConservative828 (Elected)

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 4283

Ballot papers issued: 1363

Rejected ballot papers: 61

Turnout: 31.82%

Woodham and Rowtown ward

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
David Ewan Andrerson-BasseyConservative939 (Elected)
Thomas James Francis GraceyConservative981 (Elected)
Scott Alderson LewisConservative914 (Elected
Gordon George William MatthewsGreen639
Jessica Abigail WeedsLabour367
Valerie Ann WoodhouseUKIP322

Vacant seats: 3

Electorate: 5024

Ballot papers issued: 1736

Rejected ballot papers: 16

Turnout: 34.55%