The Southampton to London Pipeline project

The Southampton to London Pipeline Project, being run by Esso, seeks to replace an existing aviation fuel pipeline between the Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.

The original 102km pipeline was installed in 1972, and 90km is now being replaced as a single Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, part of which runs through Runnymede. More details of the scheme, including the project timeframe, can be found on the applicant's website.

An application was submitted and has now been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate (11 June 2019) which runs the consenting process.  The Planning Inspectorate has appointed an examination panel which will consider the application and prepare a report, including a recommendation for the relevant Secretary of State to make a decision on whether to grant or refuse development consent. More information on the Development Consent Order process can be found on the Planning Inspectorate website along with details of individual projects and their progress including the Southampton to London pipeline.

If you would like to register as interested party and express your views please see the information linked to application RU.19/0951 below.

History of project
The Council, in carrying out its statutory duty as a Local Planning Authority, has responded to a consultation on the Statement of Community Consultation, and an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report as required by the Town and Country Planning Act 2008 and The Infrastructure Planning (EIA) Regulations 2017. The responses can be found by clicking the relevant link below, then clicking 'Documents' (below 'Other information available to view for this application'), and then 'Decision Notice'. 

RU.19/1274 - Notice of Preliminary Meeting for the Application by Esso Petroleum Company Ltd for an Order Granting Development Consent (DCO) for the Southampton to London Pipeline Project

RU.19/0133 - Statutory Consultation under the Planning Act 2008 on Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) for the Southampton to London Pipeline Project

RU.18/1175  - Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report

RU.19/0951 - Notification from Esso of acceptance of their DCO application (by the Planning Inspectorate) and deadline for registering as an Interested Party

RU.19/1253 - M25 Junction 10/A3 Wisley Interchange

Utility Trial Trenching

Esso will be undertaking trial trenches along the pipeline route. Land owners and affected parties will receive a Icon for pdf Utility Trial Trenching letter [145.51KB] two weeks before works commence at any given location.

Road closures are not anticipated, and for the most part traffic management will be by traffic light controlled contra flows.


09. 03.20 - The Examining Authority issued aIcon for pdf letter [183.66KB], and the Deadline 6 Submissions have now been published.

13.03.20 - The Icon for pdf itinerary for the Accompanied Site Inspection 2 (ASI2) [101.16KB] has been published. It has also been added to the Examination Library.

20.05.20 - Icon for pdf Statement of Common Ground agreement [2.79MB] between Esso and Runnymede Borough Council.