Consultation: Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy

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The Civil Aviation Authority has launched a consultation as it seeks to update its 2011 Future Airspace Strategy (FAS).

The CAA has published its draft to gather feedback before it is finalised and delivered to the Secretary of State in December 2018.

In future years the strategy may be revised, but the CAA will not always publish a full draft document for engagement.

It is asking six questions and seeking comment before 10 September 2018.

Questions include some multiple-choice answers and the opportunity to submit comments by completing text boxes.

Please note that if you prefer not to give a multiple-choice answer, the questionnaire will still allow you to complete the text box.

As some stakeholders may prefer not to be constrained by the questions alone the CAA has also included a text box for general observations not covered by the questions.

If you would like to discuss anything about how to respond, please email: or telephone: 0207 453 6278.

It will be assumed that all responses could be published on the CAA's website.

When you complete the online form there will be an option:

•     to hide your identity including personal details (which will anonymise your response completely), or

•     to refuse publication altogether; in the interests of transparency, we hope people will not refuse publication.


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