Councillor Michael Kusneraitis Secondary Interests

Councillor Kusneraitis has declared the following interests at meetings of the Council and/or Committees since May 2017. For further details please refer to the Minutes of the meeting where the interest(s) were declared. Interests declared before May 2017 are held in paper form by Democratic Services. The forms recording interests declared at meetings are held for a period of six years and then destroyed.

Planning 23.08.17Non-pecuniary Interest. Employers have working relationship with the applicant's company.  Planning application RU17/0594 and RU17/0590. Corfield, Ridgemead Road, Englefield GreenLeft
Corporate Management 21.09.17Non-pecuniary Interest.  Employers provided financial advice to SCC on the River Thames Scheme in the report on Corporate ProjectsStayed and voted
Planning 24.01.18Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.  Connection with the developer on projects regarding the 'Village Sons Remembered' project and children's rugby club for use of sports field. Planning application RU17/1721. Brunel UniversityLeft
Planning 01.08.18Non-pecuniary Interest. RU18/0825 and RU18/0826. Applicant has connection to his employer (CPC) Corfield, Ridgemead Road, Englefield GreenLeft
Planning 31.07.19Non-pecuniary Interest in RU 19/0686. 70 Vegal Crescent, Englefield Green. Acquainted with the objector.Left
Planning 11.09.19Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in RU 18/1649. Dial House and Wisteria Lodge, Englefield Green. Sub-Contractor to the applicant.Left