Councillor Marisa Heath Secondary Interests

Councillor Heath has declared the following interests at meetings of the Council and/or Committees since May 2017. For further details please refer to the Minutes of the meeting where the interest(s) were declared. Interests declared before May 2017 are held in paper form by Democratic Services. The forms recording interests declared at meetings are held for a period of six years and then destroyed.

Icon for pdf Community Services 08.03.18 [225.58KB]Non-pecuniary interest.  Made a contribution to Egham Museum from her SCC allowance.Stayed and voted
Icon for pdf Environment and Sustainability 211119 [140.99KB]Non-pecuniary interest in the item concerning Fireworks and Animal Welfare.  Councillor Heath runs an all-party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare for which the RSPCA are a member.Stayed and voted
Corporate Management 23.01.2020Non-pecuniary interest in the item concerning a review of the arrangements regarding a lease with a property tenant, ordinary member of the tenant's facilitiesStayed and voted


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