Councillor Jim Broadhead Secondary Interests

Councillor Broadhead has declared the following interests at meetings of the Council and/or Committees since May 2017. For further details please refer to the Minutes of the meeting where the interest(s) were declared. Interests declared before May 2017 are held in paper form by Democratic Services. The forms recording interests declared at meetings are held for a period of six years and then destroyed.

Planning 14.02.18Non-pecuniary interest in Planning application RU17/1949.  Recreation ground, Staines Lane, Chertsey. President of Runnymede ScoutsStayed and voted
Planning 12.09.18Non-pecuniary interest in Planning application RU18/0981.  President of Runnymede Scouts, the applicantsLeft
Planning 05.12.18Pecuniary Interest in Planning application RU18/1433. Fermoyle House.  Friend of the applicantLeft
Planning 23.01.19Non-pecuniary interest in Planning application RU19/0009. Recreation ground, Staines Lane, Chertsey. President of Runnymede Scouts.Left
Planning 13.11.19Non-pecuniary interest in Planning application RU19/0449. 18 Ongar Place, Addlestone. Knows the applicant personally.Left
Planning 03.06.2020Non-pecuniary interest in RU20/0166.  Knows the objector who addressed the Committee.stayed, participated and voted