Street parties

Organising a street party is relatively simple as long as you don't include activities that need a licence, such as the sale or supply of alcohol, or providing public entertainment that have not been exempted by the Deregulation Act and/or the Live Music Act.

Please contact John Gurmin ( Tel: 01932 425624 to discuss your street party before submitting the on-line application form to request a road closure.

Please note that we are not authorising any street parties in the current lockdown.  Residents are advised to comply with all guidance from central Government and Public Health England until further notice.

There are some differences between street parties and outdoor public events. These are detailed below.

Street parties

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Publicity only to residents and local organisations
  • No licences normally necessary if music is incidental and no sale/supply of alcohol is involved
  • Formal risk assessments or insurance are not essential
  • Self-organised
  • No charge for road closures
  • Notice of road closure(s) put up in affected street(s)

Outdoor public events

  • Anyone can attend
  • External publicity (for example advertising)
  • Licence usually needed for sale/supply of alcohol, public entertainment etc, unless exempted by the Deregulation Act.  For more information see the Temporary Event Notice pages
  • Risk assessment and insurance needed
  • Professionally organised
  • No charge made for road closures
  • A copy of the Temporary Event Notice must be available at the event

If you and your neighbours are planning an event, we suggest you look at the Street Party website for useful tips. You should think about what is needed to ensure your event can take place safely and successfully. 

You can download the revised-and-updated guidance on street parties issued by the secretary of state for communities and local government but please use our form to make enquiries rather than the one printed in the guidance.

Things to consider include:

Further information

We hope these notes help you plan your event successfully and that it is as enjoyable as possible. If you'd like further guidance please contact:

  • Katie Walker in Community Safety for public safety queries
  • John Gurmin In Democratic Services for road closure queries
  • Robert Smith in Licensing for any licensing related matters.
Road closures for street parties have to be arranged formally as we have to consult Surrey County Council, which is the Highway Authority, if you want to close a road or part of a road for a street party. If they give their approval, we have to make a formal road closure order.
Information on Decorating/bunting on street furniture for street party.
Information on licences for street parties.
Public safety information on street parties.
We do not operate any markets ourselves.