Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Update

Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

On 6 May 2021 the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan referendum took place. People on the electoral register within the neighbourhood area were entitled to vote in the referendum.  A map showing the Thorpe Neighbourhood Area can be viewed further down this page.

The Icon for pdf 2021 Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Referendum result [14.52KB] was that 471 voters were in favour of the plan, and 82 against. Therefore the plan has been approved.

There were a number of documents that were made available to view as part of the Referendum. These are listed below:

·        Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Information Statement [778.53KB]

·        Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version - Final [7.36MB]

·        Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Examiners Report [469.74KB]

·        Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Representations summary [175.27KB]

·        Icon for pdf Decision Statement Regulation 18 [3.09MB]

·        Icon for pdf General Information Town and Country Planning and Neighbourhood Plan [89.42KB]

If you should have any questions please email the Planning Policy team at or contact the Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

The Icon for pdf Notice of Poll [102.81KB] has been produced by the elections team they will be managing the referendum. For further details on the referendum and elections

Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Below are details of comments and documents requested by the examiner during the neighbourhood plan examination

Icon for pdf Click here [166.89KB] to view the Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner.

The responses and additional questions or information requested by the Examiner will be uploaded on this webpage as it is received.

Correspondence between the Council/Forum and the Examiner

Icon for pdf TNF Doc 1 - Response to Examiners Clarification Note_Final_200109 [156.88KB]

Icon for pdf TNF Doc 2_Plans A to D_A4_Examination Oct 2020 [5.98MB]

Icon for pdf TNF Doc 3_Plans E to G_A4_Examination Oct 2020 [6.95MB]

Icon for pdf TNF Doc 4_Policies Maps_Examination Oct 2020 [7.75MB]

Icon for pdf TNP5-TNP10 Examination Oct 2020 [4.93MB]

Icon for pdf Green and Blue Infrastructure query and response [369.14KB]

Icon for pdf River Thames Scheme query and response. [198.57KB]

Icon for pdf Additional information provided by the Forum relating to access to the Coltscroft site [577.96KB]

Regulation 16 Consultation Representations

The period for making representations to the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan under Regulation 16 ran from Tuesday 7th July to Tuesday 18th August 2020 and has now concluded.

A summary of the representations together with the representations in full can be viewed below:

Icon for pdf Barton Willmore [154.84KB]Icon for pdf Heatons [1.14MB]Icon for pdf Highways England [233.37KB]
Icon for pdf Lichfields [154.17KB]Icon for pdf National Grid [73.65KB]Icon for pdf Natural England [295.92KB]
Icon for pdf St Marys Church [303.03KB]Icon for pdf Surrey County Council [63.96KB]Icon for pdf Surrey County Council Amended Representation [142.87KB]Icon for pdf Thames Water [346.04KB]
Icon for pdf Urbana Planning [459.21KB]Icon for pdf Woolf Bond Planning [629.22KB]Icon for pdf Runnymede Borough Council [706.88KB]

Icon for pdf Summary of Representations [189.13KB]

Regulation 16 Consultation of the Submitted Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan

The Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to Runnymede Borough Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) on 26th June 2020. The Plan sets out objectives for the future and contains planning policies to guide the development and use of land in the Thorpe Neighbourhood Area.

The Forum undertook consultation on an earlier draft of their Neighbourhood Plan, between 8th November and 20th December 2019. Comments made to the Forum on this consultation at the Regulation 14 stage helped to inform changes to the documents now submitted to the Council. The submitted Plan and associated documents complied with the relevant legal requirements and therefore proceeded to formal consultation. (Icon for pdf Click here to view the Council's Legal Compliance Checklist [307.48KB]).

To view the Forum's supporting documents for the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan, visit their website here.

The submission version of the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan and core documents are available by clicking the links below:

Icon for pdf The Thorpe Submission Neighbourhood Plan 2020 [2.11MB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Submission Letter (26-06-2020) [523.67KB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement [999.49KB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement (June 2020) [286.92KB]

Icon for pdf Strategic Environmental Assessment Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum Scoping Report (March 2019) [2.15MB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report [3.27MB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report - Non-Technical Summary [522.82KB]

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment (June 2020) [688.16KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 1 - Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum Questionnaire 2016 [1.43MB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 2 - 2017 Open Event Boards [1.01MB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 3 - Winter 2018 News Letter [557.0KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 4 - 2018 Open Event Flyer & Boards [902.08KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 5 - Representation by Thorpe Village Forum to EiP Matter 6 (18-01-2019) [57.18KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 6 - 2019 Open Event Flyer & Boards [4.42MB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 7 - Regulation 14 Consultation Page on Forum Website [95.7KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 8 - List of Organisations & Interested Landowners [72.82KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 9 - Draft Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan (08-11-2019) [9.19MB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 10 - TNP Reg 14 Report Rev A (February 2020) Final Issue [742.14KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 11 - Thorpe Forum Summary of Comments Final [169.32KB]


The Council published the submitted Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents for consultation over a six week period from Tuesday 7th July to Tuesday 18th August 2020. The representations made on the published version of the Plan have been submitted to an Independent Examiner, who will also review these when arriving at his decision.

The Examiner will determine whether the Neighbourhood Plan meets the 'Basic Conditions' and other legislative requirements set out in the Localism Act. After this stage, further submissions will only be at the request of the Examiner, based on the matters and issues he identifies through the examination. Further information on the 'Basic Conditions' is available in the Guide to Basic Conditions which can be found in the National Planning Practice Guidance

During the current time of Covid-19 lockdown, Regulation 16 submission consultations on Neighbourhood Plans can still take place. Information will continue to be available on this webpage and appropriate arrangements will be made where possible to provide paper copies for inspection where somebody does not have ready access to the internet, while respecting social distancing. Should anyone wish to receive a hard copy of the submission Neighbourhood Plan and/or any of the supporting documentation, please call the Council at 01932 838383 or email the Council at

Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Thorpe Neighbourhood Area

The Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Thorpe Neighbourhood Area were designated by the Borough Council on 24th August 2016. The details of the Forum and the Area are as follows:

Name of the Neighbourhood Forum: Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum Constitution [83.11KB]

Name of the Neighbourhood Area: Thorpe Neighbourhood Area

Icon for pdf Map of Thorpe Neighbourhood Area [2.27MB]

Contact Details: Cllr. Linda Gillham, The Grove, Green Road, Thorpe Green, TW20 8QN,

The area designation was applied for by Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum.

Prior to designation, Runnymede undertook consultation on the applications to designate a Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Area. No comments were received on the Forum application but two comments were received on the area application. A summary of the comments received and officer responses are set out below:

Icon for pdf Thorpe Neighbourhood Area table of comments and officer responses [155.53KB]