Strategic Housing Market Assessment - SHMA

The council is required to produce a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) in order to have a good understanding of our housing needs. It will inform our new Local Plan by helping in the identification of how many homes should be provided and of what type.


National planning policy as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local authorities preparing a Local Plan to carry out a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA).

Paragraph 159 of the NPPF states that a SHMA should assess the full housing needs of an area, identify the scale and mix of housing and range of tenures that meet household and population projections, taking account of migration and demographic change as well as address the needs of specific groups in the community. The NPPF also sets out that where housing markets cross administrative boundaries authorities should work with one another.

2018 Partial update of the Runnymede-Spelthorne SHMA

The council commissioned a partial update of the Runnymede-Spelthorne SHMA in 2017 to support its consultation on its draft Local Plan. The SHMA primarily focuses on updating the relevant analysis for the borough of Runnymede. However, given that Runnymede is located in a Housing Market Area with Spelthorne Borough Council, for key elements of the analysis, the dynamics across the wider HMA are also considered which incorporates Spelthorne.

In addition, at chapter 8 of the SHMA an assessment of the need for employment land associated with the anticipated level of housing and population growth is also provided, This is to ensure that the strategies for housing and employment land are joined up. The updated employment land forecasting contained in the 2018 SHMA update supersedes the earlier employment land forecasting contained in chapter 7 of the Council's 2016 Employment Land Review. The document is available to view below.

Icon for pdf Strategic Housing Market Assessment (January 2018) [2.09MB]

As part of their commission to update the SHMA, GL Hearn was also asked to review representations that made detailed comments on the 2015 SHMA during the Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches (IOPA) and Additional Sites and Options (ASO) consultations. A summary of the key comments and GL Hearn's responses can be viewed in the document below.

Icon for pdf GL Hearn Representations and Responses [137.48KB]

2015 Runnymede - Spelthorne SHMA

The original 2015 SHMA produced for Runnymede and Spelthorne Borough Councils by GL Hearn can be viewed below:

Icon for pdf Strategic Housing Market Assessment (November 2015) [5.27MB]