Green Belt Boundary Technical Review

Following the completion of the Arup Green Belt Review, a Technical Review of the current Green Belt boundaries was undertaken by the Council. This review was undertaken to consider and, where appropriate, make any minor amendments required to make the Green Belt boundary more logical and/or defensible.

The documents below make up the Technical Review of the Runnymede Green Belt. The methodology outlines the process followed to carry out the review. This methodology was first published on the website in February 2015, and it has now been updated by means of an addendum following completion of the review, the completion of other evidence base studies and the publication of the draft Runnymede Local Plan in January 2018.

An overview of the proposed changes to the Green Belt boundary can be found using the map link. This map shows the existing Runnymede Green Belt as originally defined in the 1986 Local Plan and the revised Green Belt as suggested following the review and taking into account the proposed Strategic Allocations identified in the draft Local Plan. These have a bearing on the Technical Review of the Green Belt as they create a further amendment. Areas of proposed change are listed on the accompanying table, where a brief description of the proposed change and the reason for it can be found.

The Mapbook contains proformas showing the proposed changes to the current Green Belt which are not covered by the 'Rules'. The urban area of the Borough where it abuts the Green Belt has been divided into a series of tiles, and each proforma corresponds to a map tile (a map showing the Borough arranged into tiles can be found in the Methodology document). These proformas are map based and cover one tile each.

The proformas are ordered in the Mapbook in tile (not site) order. The tile number can be found on the excel spreadsheet against each site. There are instances where more than one change is covered by a tile, but for simplicity only one change is highlighted and described per tile. If the tile is required to show a second change, the tile has been copied and labelled with an 'a' and used again to show the second change A proposed change may fall across two or more tiles and is therefore shown on the corresponding number of proformas. If this is the case, all tiles are indicated in the table and on the proformas. If an aerial photograph has been used to identify a proposed change and is consequently referred to in the recommendation, this has also been produced in the form of a map tile and accompanies the map based one. If there is not a proforma for a site it can be looked at on the web map, again using the tile number.

The proposed changes to the current Green Belt can be viewed on the Council's interactive map Maps. Please click on Environment & Planning/Other Layer and turn on the layers Green Belt Boundary Technical Review 2016 - Proposed Green Belt and Green Belt Boundary Technical Review 2016 - Map Tiles.

Any questions about the Green Belt Review work should be directed to officers in the Council's Policy and Strategy team at Alternatively contact details of officers leading on this work can be found to the right of this page.