Employment Land Review 2016

The Employment Land Review (ELR) is part of the evidence base that will underpin the Runnymede 2035 Local Plan. The ELR has been produced in collaboration with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners and assesses how much employment land is likely to be required within Runnymede to the year 2035.

The ELR also assesses how suitable existing and proposed sites are for employment use.

This is to make sure the council understands what the most important sites/areas in the borough are in order to consider whether any protection should be given through the Local Plan to ensure they are not developed for alternative uses.

The ELR also highlights current employment sites no longer considered suitable and could be released for alternative use.

The ELR generally follows government guidance on undertaking economic development needs assessments as set out in the planning practice guidance. It builds on the 2010 ELR completed by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, in collaboration with Runnymede officers, and the subsequent 2012 update produced by Runnymede officers.

In 2018 the council updated employment land forecasts that superceded forecasts calculated in chapter 7 of the 2016 Employment Land Review. These forecasts can be found in chapter 8 of the January 2018 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) update which can be viewed on the Strategic Housing Market Assessment - SHMA page.

The main documents and appendices can be viewed below:

Icon for pdf Employment Land Review (September 2016) [3.25MB]

Icon for pdf Employment Land Review Appendix 1 (September 2016) [4.88MB]

Icon for pdf Employment Land Review Appendix 2 Part 1 (sites A1 to C13) (September 2016) [6.53MB]

Icon for pdf Employment Land Review Appendix 2 Part 2 (sites E1 to T2) (September 2016) [5.52MB]

Icon for pdf Employment Land Review Appendices 3-8 (September 2016) [401.73KB]

Before it was finalised, the draft ELR was subject to consultation with the council's duty to cooperate partners between 29 March and 15 April 2016.