Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the Council intends to involve and engage with the local community and stakeholders in the preparation of all planning policy documents (including the Local Plan) and during the Development Management process (e.g. during the consideration of planning applications).

The document sets out the minimum level of consultation that will be undertaken by the Council in each case, as well as the range of additional consultation/engagement techniques which can be/are already utilised by the Council.

At Full Council on the 4th March the Council formally adopted the Statement of Community Involvement. Below is a copy of the document.

Icon for pdf Statement of Community Involvement Adopted 5th March 2021 [2.36MB]

How to get involved in planning issues in your local area

The Planning Department is currently reviewing the best way to take the Community Planning Panel (CPP) and Developers Market Panel (DMP) forward in the future (see more information on these two groups late on this page). If you would like to express an interest in joining the CPP or DMP please e-mail Once future arrangements for the CPP and DMP have been finalised the Planning Department will get in contact with those who have expressed an interest and existing members.

The Runnymede Community Panel and Developers Forum

In late 2015, the Council's Policy and Strategy team sought to widen the opportunities available to engage with both the local communities in the Borough of Runnymede and the development community as the Local Plan was developed. As such, two panels were created which are discussed in more detail below. It should be noted that neither of these panels are decision making bodies. Any agreement reached between Council officers and either panel will be subject to the democratic processes of the Council and the statutory provisions of the Local Plan process.

The agenda and minutes of every meeting of the Community Planning Panel and the Development Market Panel will be published on this webpage once they have been finalised.

The Runnymede Community Planning Panel

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that Local Plans are key to delivering sustainable development that reflects the vision and aspirations of local communities. It encourages Local Planning Authorities to carry out meaningful engagement and collaboration with neighbourhoods, local organisations and businesses as Local Plans are prepared. The NPPF is clear that a wide section of the community should be proactively engaged, so that Local Plans, as far as possible, reflect a collective vision and a set of agreed priorities for the sustainable development of the area, including those contained in any neighbourhood plans that have been made.

Runnymede Borough Council has therefore established a Community Planning Panel (CPP, previously known as the Planning Liaison Group) with residents'/community associations from across the Borough to act as a channel for engagement and collaboration with the Borough's communities as sought by the NPPF.

The CPP is made up of residents'/community associations from across the Borough of Runnymede and currently a representative attends from:

  • Chertsey (South) Residents' Association (joined 9/11/2017)
  • Egham Residents' Association
  • Englefield Green Village Residents' Association
  • Hamm Court Residents' Association
  • Lyne Residents' Association (joined 9/11/2017)
  • The Chertsey Society
  • The Ottershaw Society
  • Thorpe Residents' Association
  • Virginia Water Community Association
  • Wentworth Residents' Association
  • West Addlestone Residents' Association

The CPP will meet at appropriate intervals during the preparation of the new Local Plan and the Council will seek comments and contributions from these associations on emerging evidence/draft policies and for the CPP to engage with Council officers as the Runnymede 2035 Local Plan is prepared.

If you would like to express an interest in joining the CPP or would like more information please e-mail

The Runnymede Development Market Panel

In producing housing evidence to inform the development of Local Plans, all planning authorities are required to involve stakeholders from an early stage of evidence development. The Council has prepared draft evidence to identify the level of need for housing in Runnymede (and the wider Housing Market Area) and is now preparing its assessment of land availability (the SLAA), which is a requirement of the NPPF. Planning Practice Guidance states that in preparing the evidence in relation to land availability, Local Planning Authorities should consult:

'developers; those with land interests; land promoters; local property agents; local communities;partner organisations; Local Enterprise Partnerships and businesses and business representative organisations...'

Runnymede Borough Council has therefore established a Development Market Panel (DMP) which is made up of members who include developers, those with land interests, land promoters and local property agents. The purpose of this panel is to advise the Council on technical aspects of land availability, such as providing market commentary and commenting on development viability using their local industry knowledge of housing and employment land markets. This information will assist officers in assessing sites development potential. It should be noted however that members of the panel are not permitted to use it as a means of promoting their own sites through the Local Plan process.

If you would like to express an interest in joining the DMP or would like more information please e-mail