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Addlestone action day against litter and spitting

A clampdown on antisocial littering and spitting in Addlestone led to 20 people being taken to court and fined a total of just under £5,000.

Cllr Jonathan Wilson

In total the 22 defendants were forced to pay out £4,970 in fines, costs, compensation and other charges with Runnymede's chairman of the environment and sustainability committee warning those who chose not to pay that they faced prosecution.

Council officials have also said they are pursuing separate offences against anyone found to have given false names or addresses and planned to publish photographs for identification and prosecution.

The biggest fine was issued to Stephen Paul Jones, of Runfold Close, Stockton on Tees. 

Jones was ordered to pay a fine of £75 and at total of £255, after being found guilty of spitting by Guildford Magistrates' Court on Monday, 15 January.

A further 18 cases have been adjourned until 26 March.

Councillor Jonathan Wilson said: "Runnymede Borough Council takes the protection of our environment extremely seriously.

"We have been clear: the vast majority of residents take pride in our community and keep it clean and tidy, but those individuals caught littering, spitting - or who fail to pick up after their dog - will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

"Those who choose not to pay face prosecution."

This is latest step in the effort to end antisocial behaviour in Addlestone. The offences took place June and July last year.

Anyone who abuses enforcement staff can also expect to face charges of obstruction.

It forms part of the council's wider strategy to patrol areas with body-worn cameras collecting evidence of offenders dropping litter. 

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