Community resilience

Local agencies and the emergency services are committed to supporting communities during emergency incidents. However, it is helpful if you can support us by being prepared and have your own plan for coping during a flood, severe weather or flu pandemic.

Additional information about how you can better prepare for emergencies can be found at Surrey Prepared.
If you live near a watercourse, such as a stream or ditch, you may have a responsibility for its maintenance and to remove blockages.
As part of ongoing efforts to become more resilient to the threat of flooding, Runnymede Borough Council has developed and is implementing a new policy, for the distribution of sandbags to residents.
If you are a business owner or manager you should be prepared for emergency situations. What would you do in the event of a fire or flood? Can your business cope if severe weather affects your deliveries or IT systems?
Getting together with your local community to make an emergency plan is the most powerful way you can minimise the impact of an emergency situation on your own household.
If your home or business is at risk of flooding, you should make sure you have your own personal flood plan. Flooding can become a serious problem faster than you'd think, so don't leave this until it actually happens as you will not have time.