View or comment on licensing applications

Local people are allowed to give their views on licensing applications by making a representation. Professionals such as the police, fire authorities, trading standards and environmental health officers are also able to scrutinise applications and take action if problems occur.

You can make a representation on new applications for a licence or certificate, and you can also request a review of an existing licence or certificate of any premises that may be causing problems such as noise or other disturbances.

New applications will be advertised advertised:

  • at the premises
  • in a local newspaper
  • on the council's website
  • in a public register held at the Council's Civic Centre.

In addition, other regulatory bodies such as trading standards and the Police  (known as 'responsible authorities') are notified of all new applications and variations to existing licences.

You can also view decision notices for existing licences.


Grounds for making a representation or review

To make a representation on a new application or request a review of an existing licence or certificate, you must be able to show that it would undermine one or more of the four licensing objectives:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm.


How to make a representation

Please use the guidance notes for a full explanation of the process, this includes a template representation form which you may wish to use.

Icon for pdf Guide to making a representation [309.58KB]

If you are make making a representation on a new Premises Licence application, we must receive your comments within the specified consultation period. You may also be able to speak at a licensing hearing (if a hearing is required).

If you are requesting a review of an existing licence or certificate, please use the Icon for pdf statutory application form [113.02KB].

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence being £5,000.


What happens after you submit a representation?

If representations are relevant and they relate to one of the licensing objectives, the Licensing Authority will hold a hearing to consider them (unless all parties agree that a hearing is unnecessary where for example, a compromise is agreed).

After a hearing, the Council as the Licensing Authority will take into account the licensing objectives and decide on one of the following options:

  • to grant or vary the licence in the same terms as it was applied for;
  • that it is necessary to refuse to issue or vary the licence;
  • to grant or vary the licence, but to modify the conditions; or
  • to exclude from the scope of the licence a licensable activity.

You have the right to appeal against decisions of the licensing authority if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a hearing.

A representation will not be relevant if the Licensing Authority considers it to be vexatious or frivolous.

Applications for public consultation can be seen here. Guidance on how to make representations can be found on the linked and related pages as well as below.
Licensing Decision notices for the previous six years.

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