Business rates reports and data

We publish monthly reports on business rates for Freedom of Information Act purposes.

You can view the following reports below:

  • a complete list of business rates, National Non-Domestic Rates, (NNDR) accounts with separate reports for reliefs and exemptions
  • accounts in the Runnymede areas that, for any reason, have a credit balance
  • accounts where we have been unable to trace the business owners or administrators to pay the credit due (credit write-on)
  • new business rate accounts set up in the past calendar month.

How we use your data

Your personal information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We are required to collect certain types of information to meet legal obligations and detect crime.

This may be shared with other government departments and agencies, but we will not disclose your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

In accordance with the Icon for pdf ICO Torbay decision [174.92KB] we do not withhold the names of sole traders and partners. In the circumstances of the Torbay case the individuals were private landlords or sole traders and the commissioner concluded that disclosure of their names would not breach the first data protection principle as the information relates to the business activities of the individuals concerned and not activities they undertake simply or solely in their private lives. The commissioner concluded that disclosure would be fair and meet schedule 2 condition 6 of the Data Protection Act.

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