Abandoned vehicles

You can report abandoned vehicles online.

Before reporting a vehicle

A vehicle which is burnt out or extensively damaged/smashed up (extensive damage to multiple windows/body panels) can be reported right away for assessment. Vehicles that appear to have been involved in a recent accident should first be reported to the police.

Other vehicles can be reported for assessment if they have not moved for at least three weeks AND have been untaxed for at least seven days. The MOT on the vehicle will also need to be expired. You must check if the vehicle is taxed before reporting a vehicle.

Report suspected abandoned vehicles using our abandoned vehicle reporting form.

Dangerously or obstructively parked vehicles

The police are responsible for the removal of vehicles obstructively or dangerously parked. Our parking team can help if the vehicle is obstructing an entrance with a dropped kerb. Email Parking@runnymede.gov.uk.

Untaxed but not abandoned vehicles

Many vehicles reported as being abandoned turn out not to be, in which case we will not be able to take any further action. We cannot remove a vehicle just because it is untaxed. Vehicles in reasonable condition but untaxed or declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and parked on a public highway can be reported to the DVLA for action by them.

How we will respond

Where a report is accepted an officer will visit to assess the vehicle. Where it is assessed as being abandoned we will contact any registered keeper. If there is no response from the registered keeper and the vehicle remains in situ. After a reasonable period of time, our authorised contractor will remove and dispose of it.

Private land

If the vehicle has been abandoned on private land for considerable time, or it is extensively damaged, we can visit to assess if it is abandoned. We cannot remove a vehicle on private land just because it is taking up a parking space.

If a vehicle has been abandoned on your property you can apply to the DVLA to get details of the owner. You can then write to the registered keeper to ask them to remove it or make your own arrangements for removal if no response is received.

The law requires we give 15 days' notice of intended removal to the landowner.

Report an abandoned vehicle online.