Parking schemes: Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about our parking schemes.

When will the new parking restrictions apply? 
Restricted times differ from area to area, and you should always refer to the signs and lines at a particular location and the Highway Code. In general only vehicles with a valid resident or visitor permit are allowed to park in the resident parking bays during the restricted days and times indicated on nearby signs. Double yellow lines are in force at all times, single yellow lines are restricted at different times indicated on adjacent time plates. 

Where can I load, unload, pick up and drop off?  
Any vehicle can stop on a yellow line to drop off and pick up passengers and to make or collect deliveries as long as there isn't a loading restriction in force (marked by lines on the kerb and time plates). This is also the case with resident only bays. 

How much do permits cost? 
The first resident permit costs £50 with additional permits £75 each. A daily visitor permit will cost £2 (allocation is initially limited to 120 per property per year, however additional visitor permits may be available on application). The income from permits goes towards the running costs of the scheme. 

Do I need a permit for builders and other contractors? 
If you have other visitors, for example builders working on your property, please contact us at least ten days before to enquire about a waiver certificate that will allow them to park without the need for a permit. 

What types of vehicle can have a permit? 
Generally cars, vans and motorcycles. Please contact us if you need more information. 

How many permits can I have? 
If you have no off-street parking you can have up to two resident permits. If you have off street parking for one vehicle (including a garage, even if it is not being used for parking) you can have one permit. If you have off street parking for two vehicles you are not entitled to any permits, but you can still buy visitors' permits. 

What about blue badge holders? 
Blue badge holders can park on yellow lines and in parking bays during the restricted times, as long as they follow the rules for blue badge holders.