Clinical waste collections

We provide a free fortnightly clinical waste collection service for residents treating themselves in their own home.

Collections are on a Wednesday (refuse week). Collection dates are subject to change over holiday periods.

If you have been prescribed medication by your GP or hospital and would like to arrange a collection, please email or call 01932 838383.

What we collect

Healthcare waste which is infectious or hazardous is classed as 'clinical waste' and must be collected separately for safe disposal. Your doctor or nurse will advise if your waste should be collected separately and provide you with a coloured sack to put it in, this will usually be orange.

Clinical waste includes:

  • Swabs and wound dressings/bandages contaminated with infectious or hazardous substances
  • wound vacuum drains or pumps

Incontinence pads and home dialysis waste (including empty saline and/or glucose IV bags and tubing) do not need a separate clinical waste collection. These items can be double bagged and placed in your black wheelie bin for rubbish. If your black bin is too small for your medical needs, please contact us.

You should never put anything sharp in the yellow bin.

Sharps box

A 'sharps box' is for used and un-used syringes and needles. You can ask for your sharps box to be collected using our online form.

Alternatively you can drop your yellow sharps box at Fordwater Trading Estate, Ford Road, Chertsey, KT16 8HG Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm. Please ensure that the lid is securely shut.


Please be aware that we do not supply replacement sharp boxes. You can get these from your GP or district nurse.