Commercial waste

Rubbish produced by commercial businesses is classed as commercial (or trade) waste. The cost of commercial waste collection is not covered by business rates.

We offer businesses a competitive commercial waste service.

Why choose us?

We offer a flexible and reliable service. We have local knowledge and can respond quickly to ad hoc requests. Our staff will visit you and offer a free waste analysis. For a quote and further information about waste and recycling services for your business, please contact us on 01932 425763 or by emailing:

Your responsibility as a business

The 1990 Environmental Protection Act places responsibility on all businesses to ensure all waste is removed by a licenced waste carrier. Failure to do so can lead to you being fined up to £50,000. Trade waste removal is not included in your business rates.

Your waste remains your responsibility until it reaches the point of final disposal. All paperwork must be kept for a minimum of two years. Runnymede Borough Council has the right to inspect all paperwork relating to your trade waste.

Here are some tips to assist you with your trade waste disposal:

  • You must contain your waste in either a trade waste bin or sack
  • Waste receptacles must not be overflowing and lids must be closed
  • Ensure that the company collecting your waste is legally registered
  • Keep for two years your copy of the waste transfer note. The collector will issue you with this when taking away your waste
  • If you dispose of your trade waste yourself, take it to the amenity site, get a weight ticket and a waste transfer note and keep all records for two years. You must declare the waste as trade waste and pay the appropriate charge when you use an amenity site
  • You must not use any domestic waste bins or public litter bins
  • Do not take your waste home and combine with your domestic waste
  • You must not dispose of your trade waste at the recycling sites.

We routinely prosecute traders who dispose of their waste illegally. Runnymede Borough Council is a licenced waste carrier and will be happy to advise and help businesses to comply with relevant legislation.


We offer all schools within Runnymede a free weekly food waste collection. For more information, email or call 01932 838383.