Recreation grounds and parks in Runnymede


Following the latest Government guidance, our playgrounds are now open. Please adhere to the following guidance when visiting our parks:

  • Play areas and gym equipment are not being regularly cleaned. Please make sure you have hand sanitiser with you before entering and clean hands frequently
  • Wash your hands before and after your visit
  • Discourage children from touching their faces
  • The equipment is shared and used at your own risk
  • Stay socially distanced - this may mean one child at a time on equipment or not using adjacent swings or equipment
  • Wait or come back later if busy
  • One adult maximum per child or group of children
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell
  • Do not consume food or drink in the playground
  • Take your litter home
  • For more advice, visit the Government website.

There are five formal parks in the borough with facilities such as sports pitches, children's play areas, paddling pools and public toilets.

Dedicated staff maintain these parks and are present during the working day and when there are evening or weekend activities.

There are also a number of informal parks and open spaces in Runnymede open all year round.

Chertsey Rec is a popular venue for a number of sports and it is home to the Chertsey Bowls Club. For children, the park offers a large play area and in the summer the paddling pool is open.
Heathervale Rec has sports facilities, a putting green, paddling pool, skate area and play area.
With its woodland backdrop, it is a popular venue for cricket, football, and bowls and is home to a number of local sports clubs.
A short walk from Addlestone town centre, Victory Park offers a range of play equipment, sports facilities and a paddling pool.
The park has a children's play area, two football pitches and a cricket square and is the venue for the popular annual Black Cherry Fair.
Information on tree management in Runnymede.
Online form to report park problems in Runnymede
*Our outdoor gyms are currently closed to support social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please do not use them*
Runnymede's Safety Advisory Group (SAG) advises on safety aspects for public events that are planned to take place.