Food safety

Registering a food business, Eat Out Eat Well Award, food hygiene, health certificates.

If you are thinking of starting up a new food or catering business, or already have one, find out about the basic requirements you need to meet.
Register a food business.
Information on the food hygiene rating scheme.
As a home baker who makes and sells cakes to the public there are certain legal requirements you must comply with to ensure that home-made goods are produced, stored and transported hygienically and will be safe to eat.
Safer Food Better Baking was originally produced by Braintree District Council. It is based on Safer Food Better Business and is aimed at helping home cake makers comply with the legal requirement to have a documented food safety management system.
Have you had a recent inspection and received a food-hygiene rating that you wish to improve?
Information on How to make a food complaint.
Information on Food poisoning.
The information on this page is intended for health officials in non-EU countries to validate Health Certificates that we issue.
Eat Out Eat Well Award for food businesses that offer healthier options.