Building Control - building notice application

Building Notice application is a Building Regulations option which notifies us that you intend to carry out work.

If the proposed work involves the erection or extension of a building you will need to supply the following with your application:

  • plans of the site
  • location of the proposed work
  • details of any drainage work.

Plans are not approved with this option although we may ask you to submit additional information to justify work. Building Notices are suitable for minor works by people who have a good knowledge of building and the Building Regulations.

Unless it involves an emergency repair, Building Notices cannot be used where work affects a public sewer, involves the erection of a building fronting on to a private street or involves buildings subject to certain Fire Safety legislation. Full Plans should be used in these instances.

A list of key construction stages will be issued to you so that you can contact us and arrange inspection of your work.

A Building Notice automatically expires if work  does not start within three years of the date the notice was given.