Building Control - site inspection visits

As part of the Building Control process, you will have to arrange site inspection visits to make sure your work meets the regulations.

To arrange a Building Control visit please email ( If you want us to visit you on the same day, please contact us before 10am. You can also contact your dedicated surveyors on their direct dial number.

Contacting the building control team

Where available please provide the following information when contacting your Building Control department:

  • Location of site
  • Contact telephone number
  • Application number
  • The type of inspection required together with preferred time and date

There is a full list available for contacts in the Building Control team. If you need advice just contact us at Building Control for more information.

Recommended inspection stages

The recommend stages during which you should arrange an inspection and how much notice is required is detailed below.

  1. Commencement of work - two days before commencement
  2. Excavations for foundations - one day before inspection
  3. Foundation concrete - one day before inspection
  4. Oversite preparation for concrete - one day before inspection
  5. Reinforcement before concreting - one day before inspection
  6. Damp proof course laid - one day before inspection
  7. Exposed drains ready for inspection (and on test) - one day before inspection
  8. First floor joists - one day before inspection
  9. Steel beams/columns (before encasing) - one day before inspection
  10. Roof timbers (before covering) - one day before inspection
  11. Fire protection - one day before inspection
  12. Drains backfilled and on test - within seven days
  13. Occupation of the building - seven days before occupation
  14. Completion of works - within seven days