Planning applications: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Planning applications

If you are unable to find the answer to your query please contact us. Please note that certain enquiries will require a fee.

Fees for all types of applications
How long does an application take to be determined?
If you have commented on a planning application and wish to speak at Planning Committee, please see our leaflet about who can speak at Planning Committee.
In order for a Local Planning Authority to make a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) it must be expedient to do so in the interests of public amenity and the health of the tree(s).
The Council offers a pre-application advice service for householders and other schemes which require planning consent
No, the Council is not able to make recommendations for architects/agents/builders/planning consultants.
For an application to be registered as a valid application, the Local Planning Authority needs to receive a certain amount of information, which would normally include an application form, scaled plans (existing and proposed), the correct fee and any other required supporting documentation.
If someone would like to show their support or oppose a planning application, they can send a letter or e-mail.
If you are unsure if you require planning permission or not you can submit a Certificate of Proposed Lawfulness or view the Government's Planning Portal website.
If you have an agent working on your behalf then the Decision Notice will be sent to the agent at the address on the application form or to the applicant in all other cases.