Who has to pay Council Tax

You will be sent a Council Tax bill when you first move into your property and then at the beginning of each new Council Tax year starting 1 April. All the main residents of the household are responsible for paying the bill.

For council tax purposes, a resident is a person aged 18 or over who lives there as their main home.

Joint responsibility

More than one person may be jointly liable for council tax if their interest in the property is the same. This means each person is equally responsible for the full amount of the tax and not just their share alone.

Married and unmarried couples are jointly liable, even if they do not have an equal interest in the property. This includes same-sex partners.

We will only send one bill to each property. It will be addressed to all the people who live there and have joint responsibility.

Landlord/owner responsibility

There are some occasions where the owner of the property is liable for paying Council Tax, even if they are not living there. For example, a house or flat that is shared between multiple tenants who each have their own separate tenancy agreement or for periods between tenancies.

Caravans and boats

You are responsible for paying the Council Tax if you are the owner of a caravan or boat and live in it as your main home.

If you are the owner of a caravan or boat but someone else lives there, they are responsible for paying the Council Tax.