Discounts for Council Tax

If you live alone, have a disability or have a property that is unoccupied and unfurnished, you may be able to apply for a Council Tax reduction.

Single occupiers

If there's only one person over 18 living in the property, we'll reduce your bill by 25 per cent. Use our council tax discount form to apply online.

In some cases there can be more than one adult in the property and a discount can still apply if the other adults are disregarded for council tax.

Residents with disabilities

If you, or someone you live with, need an extra room or space in your home due to a disability, you may be entitled to a reduction in Council Tax.

The home must be the main residence of the person with a disability and of major importance to their wellbeing. They must also require one of the following:

  • Extra internal space to accommodate a wheelchair which is used indoors
  • A second bathroom or kitchen adapted for the disability
  • An additional room adapted for the disability, other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet.

You can apply online using our council tax discount form. A Council Tax inspector will visit your home to confirm you meet the criteria.

Reductions are reviewed each year and we'll let you know the outcome in writing.

Empty properties

A property that is empty (unoccupied and unfurnished) can get a 100 per cent discount on Council Tax for up to three months. If ownership of, or liability for, the property changes we will not extend this for the new owner. If you think you might be eligible, complete the council tax discount form.

Some types of empty property may be exempt from paying council tax. However if your property is empty for more than two years, and is not exempt, we will start charging an extra 50 per cent Council Tax. This premium is applied to discourage owners from keeping properties empty when there is such high demand for housing.

Properties with annexes

You can have a 50 per cent discount on an annexe to your property which is lived in by a family member. If a non-family member lives in the annexe the discount will not apply. Use our council tax discount form to apply online.