How much Housing Benefit you may receive

Your individual circumstances affect the amount of Housing Benefit we will pay you. This includes your rent, income, savings, the size of your family and how many bedrooms you need.

If you rent from a private landlord we will normally use the Rent Service's Local Housing Allowance Rates to work out how much we will pay you.

For council tenants we calculate your Housing Benefit by looking at how much rent you pay, minus any service charges that do not qualify for Housing Benefit.

The GOV.UK website provides more detailed information on how we calculate Housing Benefit.

For Housing Benefit claims you will need to provide evidence of your rent liability unless you are a council tenant.
How many bedrooms you are entitled to when we calculate Housing Benefit depends on the size of your family.
The Benefit Cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit that most people aged 16 to 64 can receive. This means that households in which no-one works can no longer receive more in benefits than average working families after Tax and National Insurance has been deducted.