Evidence required for benefit claims

We need to see evidence of your identity, income and capital when you make a claim for benefits. We also need to see proof of your rent liability for Housing Benefit claims (unless you are a council tenant).

We need to see original documents. You can bring these into the Civic Centre or post them with your application.

Proof of National Insurance Number

Please provide one of the following:

  • P45 or P60 from a recent employer
  • wage slips showing a National Insurance Number
  • letter from the DWP showing a National Insurance Number
  • letter or tax code from the HM Revenue and Customs
  • Occupational Pension slip showing a National Insurance Number.

Proof of identity

We need two documents to prove your identity (and your partner's). We can't accept your Council Tax bill but can accept the following:

  • passport - must be valid and current
  • driving licence - both parts
  • utility bill - for the last quarter
  • birth certificate - not issued within the last two years
  • bank statements
  • building society book
  • divorce papers
  • marriage certificate
  • medical card
  • residency permit
  • letter from the Home Office, a probation officer or a solicitor.

Other evidence

We also need to see proof of your: