Understanding your tenancy agreement

Find out about your responsibilities, the different types of tenancy, if you are able to change the names on your tenancy agreement, what to do when you want to end your tenancy and if you can sub-let your home.

Once you have received a written offer of a property we will make you an appointment to meet one of the customer service team for the tenancy sign up. You will meet your tenancy management officer within four weeks following the sign up.
Most tenants have a secure tenancy. We usually offer introductory tenancies for your first year on a trial basis. If there are no problems we will change it to a 'secure flexible' or 'secure' tenancy. You could have a sole tenancy or share a joint tenancy with another adult.
When a council tenant dies a member of the family may be legally entitled to take over the tenancy. This is called 'succession'. You can also legally transfer your tenancy rights to your partner or a member of your family by 'assignment'.
If you are planning to move out of your home you must give us at least four weeks written notice, even if you are moving into residential care.
Depending on your tenancy, you can request written permission to keep a pet, make alterations, take in a lodger or run a business.