Buy your council home

If you are a council tenant you may be able to buy your home from us at a discounted price under the Right to Buy scheme.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a secure tenant of Runnymede Borough Council;
  • have spent at least three years as a tenant, either with us or another local authority or registered social landlord; and
  • live in the self-contained house or flat as your main home.

For more information please visit the Right to Buy website.

Policy on Family Members

You may be able to buy your home with someone who lives with you.

The Council's policy does not allow persons who have been living at the tenant's property for less than 12 months to share the tenant's Right to Buy.  We will therefore not consent to applications to share the Right to Buy unless this condition is met. 


Use the government's Right to Buy calculator to estimate any discount you may receive on the market value of your home, depending on how many years you have been a tenant.

The maximum discount is £80,900.  If you sell the property within five years of ownership you will have to repay some of this discount.


You can not buy your home if:

  • a court has made a possession order which says that you must leave your home 
  • you are a non discharged bankrupt
  • you have a bankruptcy petition pending against you
  • you are subject to an arrangement with creditors and the debt is outstanding;
  • your home is particularly suitable for occupation by the elderly (Under paragraph 11 of Schedule 5 to the Housing Act 1985)

How to apply

You will need to send us a completed Right to Buy application form (RTB1) and Icon for pdf Additional information form [1.25MB].

Once we have received your forms, we will discuss your application with you further and offer you money advice to ensure you can afford to purchase your home.  Then we will carry out eligibility and anti-fraud checks and arrange to visit you at home. If you receive Housing Benefit, we will ask how you intend to fund the purchase. We will tell you within four weeks of receiving your application if you are eligible and send you a notice (RTB2 form).

Your home will be valued by an independent estate agent. We will send you an offer letter explaining how much we will sell the home for and the conditions of sale. You then have 12 weeks to write to us with your decision. If you disagree with the valuation you can appeal to the District Valuer. You will need to submit your grounds for appeal in writing to Tenancy Management who will request a re-determination.

Further information

More information on the Right to Buy scheme is available from GOV.UK, the Right to Buy website and the Right to Buy booklet.

You can also call the Right to Buy Agent service. They offer free advice on finding out if you're eligible, how to complete the application and where to get legal and financial help.