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Register of Electors canvass 2017: household enquiry forms

Each year we carry out an annual canvass to update the register of electors. As part of the canvass, we contact every residential property to find out if there are any changes to the household. This enables us to remove the details of those no longer living there, and/or invite new occupants to register on an individual basis.

Households will soon receive a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) containing an individual security code. The HEF will list the people registered to vote at the property. You need to confirm if these details are correct, or tell us about any changes. (Please note that if you made an application recently, and received an acknowledgment from Runnymede, you will be added to the register, but your name may not show on the form. The information in the HEFs was based on data as of 11 August.)

What to do if there are no changes

If there are no changes to the details on the form, you can either:

1. use the free automated telephone response service on 0800 197 9871;

2. visit;

3. SMS - Text NOCHANGE followed by the security code to 80212 or;

4. post the form to us instead, using the pre-paid reply envelope.

What to do if the registration details need changing

If the details need to be updated, or someone needs to be added or removed, you can either:

1. visit;

2. post the form to us instead, using the pre-paid reply envelope.

It is very important that you respond to the Household Enquiry Form as soon as you can, even if nothing has changed in your household. We send out reminders if no response is received. If you do not respond a canvasser will visit the property. Following receipt of the HEF, anyone not already registered at the property will be sent an Invitation to Register form to complete. Alternatively, those residents can apply to register online at Applicants will need to provide their National Insurance number and date of birth, along with their previous address, if applicable.


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