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Are you recycling right?

You may have noticed a sticker recently appear on the lid of your recycling bin. This is part of a borough wide campaign to help improve the quality of our recycling.

Recycling Sticker 2017 The sticker shows the types of waste that can go in the recycling alongside the items that sometimes get put in by mistake. By reducing the number of theses contaminants in our recycling more of our waste can be reprocessed into new materials.

Too many contaminants can mean a whole load being refused at the reprocessing centre, if this happens, all the recycling in that load is taken away and burnt. This wastes the efforts of those recycling correctly.

Over the next couple of months every recycling bin in the borough will have a sticker placed on its lid. They are just there as a helpful reminder, if you don't want to keep the sticker on your bin they can be easily peeled off.

Remember you can still recycle your textiles and electricals. Details can be found on our website.

More information about the recycling services in the borough can be found on our website or on the Recycle for Surrey website. You can also download the Recycle for Surrey app through your smartphone's app store.

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