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Textiles and electrical items

We can take away your small unwanted electrical items and textiles as part of your regular recycling and rubbish collections.

Textiles and electrical items can be collected each week if they are left out next to your food waste caddy in a tied carrier bag.

Fraudulent textile bags

We have been recently made aware that a rogue textile collector is distributing black bags (contained in a smaller white bag) that are labelled with 'Runnymede Borough Council Kerbside Textile Collection Scheme'. These bags have not been distributed by us and we are not able to accept them due to them being black bags and too heavy. Please ensure you dispose of these and instead use a carrier bag or similar size bag to put your textiles out in.

How to recycle textiles

Put your dry textiles in a standard size carrier bag and tie the bag. The bag needs to be next to your food waste caddy (or by the side of your refuse or recycling bin) by 6am on your collection day. Please ensure that you don't use charity bags or a black bag as we cannot see that it is textiles inside.

Examples of textiles we can collect include:

  • clothes in any condition
  • pairs of shoes
  • curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases
  • blankets and towels.

We cannot accept:

  • wet textiles
  • single shoes
  • duvets and pillows
  • rugs and carpets
  • anything too large to fit in a plastic carrier bag.

How to recycle electrical items

Unwanted small electrical items, even if they are broken, can be taken away to be recycled as part of your weekly collections.

Put your electrical items into a standard sized carrier bag. Items should be no larger than 35cm x 40cm. Tie the bag before putting it out for collection. Please ensure that you don't use a black bag as we cannot see that it's textiles inside.

The bag needs to be next to your food waste caddy by 6am on your collection day.

Examples of small electrical items we can collect include:

  • kettles, toasters, blenders and irons
  • hair dryers, straighteners and clippers
  • clocks, watches, alarms clocks and cameras
  • games consoles and small electrical toys
  • smoke detectors, thermostats and power tools
  • DVD and video players and remote controls
  • radios, stereos, MP3 players and speakers
  • mobile phone and laptop batteries as well as chargers.

We cannot accept:

  • TV screens
  • car batteries
  • items placed in black sacks
  • microwaves
  • computer monitors
  • printers
  • hoovers
  • lawnmowers

We would advise that household batteries are taken to local supermarkets or Addlestone Civic Centre reception where they will have a battery collection point.

Large electrical items can be taken to a recycling centre.

Report your Electricals/Textiles as missed

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