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Fees - street naming and numbering

Check the correct fee before submitting your application for the street naming and numbering service.

Existing properties

Individual property naming or re-naming, including notification: £61

Amendment to a newly approved naming/numbering scheme: £61 admin fee plus £15 per plot

New developments

First plot: £61

Plots 2 - 5: £31 per plot

Plots 6 - 10: £26 per plot

Plots 11 - 20: £20 per plot

Plots 21 and greater: £15 per plot

Naming a street: £102 per street

Naming a building (eg block of flats): £102 per block

The administrative fees listed above are not subject to VAT.

Discount to developers

Developers who use Runnymede Building Control as their Building Control Body will be entitled to a 10% discount applied to the above charges against confirmation of Building Control reference number.

Worked example

If the application is of a new development of 12 plots the cost of the application would be as follows:

First plot: £61 x 1 = £61

Plots 2 - 5: £31 x 4 = £124

Plots 6 - 10: £26 x 5 = £130

Plots 11 - 12: £20 x 2 = £40

Total = £355

If Runnymede Building Control is used as the Building Control Body for this development then the fees payable would be £355 x 90% = £319.50.

Re-naming streets

Price available on enquiry.

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