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Magna Carta acknowledgements

Runnymede Borough Council would like to thank the following sponsors/donors, organisers and Ambassadors for their contributions to our local Magna Carta projects.


Sponsors / donors

Procter & Gamble logo Bouygues UK
Bouygues Development Wilkins Kennedy


P&G provided a financial contribution to Magna Carta Day in Egham on Saturday 13 June 2015.

P&G has been located in Egham for almost 30 years and has been a keen supporter of local community activities during that time. P&G's Social Responsibility Programme is focused on "Comforts of Home", providing everyday essentials that help create the experience of home for families who can't afford them or who have been displaced and "Health and Hygiene", supporting hygiene education and everyday healthy behaviour changes that prevent illness and improve confidence.  P&G has a portfolio of trusted, quality brands including Ariel®, Always®, Fairy®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pantene®, Pampers®, Gillette®. For more information about P&G in the UK please visit the Procter & Gamble website.

Bouygues Development and Bouygues UK

Bouygues Development and Bouygues UK donated a hired trakway to support the Magna Carta 800th- River Relay event.

Bouygues Development and Bouygues UK are working in partnership with Runnymede Borough Council to deliver a regeneration project in Addlestone called Addlestone One.

Wilkins Kennedy

Wilkins Kennedy provided a meeting room for the Runnymede Magna Carta Steering Group to meet on a regular basis in order to review progress with the local Magna Carta projects.

Mark Adams of Wilkins Kennedy was a member of the steering group and is also the Chairman of Runnymede Business Partnership.

The following companies agreed to provide parking for the Magna Carta Pageant event on Sunday 14 June 2015:

  • British Gas
  • BUPA
  • Future Electronics
  • Gartner UK Limited
  • JLL of 3 Lotus Park
  • Magna Carta School
  • Regus
  • Ricoh
  • Salesforce
  • Strodes College

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Runnymede Borough Council would like to thank the following companies and organisations for their support in delivering local Magna Carta projects which the Council commissioned or provided a significant financial contribution towards.

Past Pleasures Thames Alive
Egham museum RHUL logo
Egham Chamber of Commerce  

Past Pleasures Ltd

Past Pleasures Ltd delivered the re-enactment for the Magna Carta 800th- The Pageant on Sunday 14 June 2015 at Runnymede Pleasure Ground.

Thames Alive

Thames Alive delivered the Magna Carta 800th - The River Relay on Saturday 13 June and Sunday 15 June 2015, after being commissioned by Runnymede Borough Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Spelthorne Borough Council.

Egham Museum

Egham Museum delivered the Magna Carta Pop-Up Exhibition at United Reformed Church in Egham between June -August 2015 as well as the Magna Carta Community Talks in various locations around the Borough throughout 2015.

Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway delivered the Great Charter Festival at Royal Holloway on Sunday 14 June 2015; seven events as part of a Magna Carta Music Festival at various locations around the Borough in June and July 2015; a Flower Festival at Royal Holloway in June 2015; an Egham Town Centre Volunteers Project from February to June 2015; hosted the Magna Carta Sports Festival in June 2015; and eighteen performances as part of the Street Theatre at various locations around the Borough in June 2015 (also in partnership with Surrey Arts).

Egham Chamber of Commerce and Egham Residents Association

Egham Chamber of Commerce and Egham Residents Association via an organising Committee headed up by Meher Oliaji and Cynthia Reilly, delivered an enhanced version of the annual Magna Carta Day on Egham High Street on Saturday 13 June 2015.


Runnymede Borough Council would like to thank the following individuals who were helped deliver the Magna Carta 800th - The River Relay and Magna Carta 800th - The Pageant on Sunday 14 June 2015 as Ambassadors.

Angela Adler

Steve Allen

Sally Baggett

Amina Boga

Verena Boxall

Margaret Broomfield

Stephanie Bunce

Tricia Burt

Elizabeth Burton

Rima Chai

Gerald Cole

Diana Cuell

Kathryn Daniels 

Megan Daniels

Anja-Melissa Dollezal

Felicity Edge

John Edge

Daphne Evans

Melissa Benstead

Carole Gardiner

John Godden

Catriona Graham

Carol Greene Dua

Christine Hall

Gavin Handford

Arthur Henry

Cllr. Margaret Hicks

Marguerite Humphrey

Chris Hunt

Carol Imber

Hannah Kurowski

Justine Louka

Peter  McKenzie

Linda McNaughton

Hilary Messeter

Cheryl Midson

Jenny Midson

Sarah Moore

Clive Morris

David Morriss

Rhea Newman

Janice Oag

Terence Page

Brian Papps

Mike Pass

Georje Reed

Geraldine Rodrigues

Laura Roser

Marion Royer

Wendy Rushton

Sarah Sangster

Wayne Sarten

Melanie Savery

Anita Shah

Emma Sheppard

Rosemary Small

David Small

Matthew Smith

Rachel Smith

Paul Stowe

Shuile Syeda

Maralyn Tan

Linda Vardy

Peter Vassallo

Mark  Venables

Christine Vidal

Patricia Viteri-Lecluyse

Hilary Walker

Emma Warren

Nicola Whate

Keith Williams

Ian Wyatt

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