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Planning Applications - flood risk/surface water/drainage issues
If you have submitted a planning application which raises issues relating to flood risk, surface water drainage or any other drainage issue, please be aware that due to the emergency flooding situation in Runnymede, these types of applications are likely to take longer to deal with than normal. 

The reason for this is that the Council’s Drainage Engineers have been taken away from their normal duties to assist with the flooding emergency which means that they will be unable to respond to consultation responses on planning applications as quickly as they would like. It may also be likely that consultation responses from the Environment Agency will also be delayed. All planning applications which raise these issues will be determined as soon as is practicably possible. If you have any queries please email or contact the case officer for your application.


Planning Policy Latest News


The Council submitted its Local Plan Core Strategy (LPCS) to the Secretary of State on 20 January 2014 for consideration. More information on the LPCS and the Examination process can be found on the Council’s New Local Plan Examination webpage.

The Council submitted the Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging schedule and its supporting evidence base to the Secretary of State on 11 March 2014 for consideration. More information on the CIL examination process can be found on the Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy Examination webpage.

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