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Street parties


Holding a street party to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

A number of residents will wish to hold street parties to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee over the weekend of Saturday 2 June 2012 to Tuesday 5 June 2012.

Queen's Daimond Jubilee

The following notes are intended to guide residents what they will need to think about and organize to ensure that their event can take place without any hitches and in as safe a fashion as possible.

If you and your neighbours are planning such an event, we suggest you look at the advice promoted by a charitable organization which offers very useful tips. The information provided may help you to plan your event so that you can minimize the number of issues you may need to deal with.

Factors that may require you to liaise with the Council involve:

  • Road Closures
  • Licensing
  • Public Safety

Road Closures

Road Closures can only happen formally as we need to make sure that Surrey County Council, which is the Highway Authority, are aware and give their approval. Holding a street party on a 'through' road is more problematic than a cul-de-sac as alternative routes may have to be found. You will also need to think about how you warn people in advance and the location and nature of any warning signage that you will have to display. Factors such as the extent of disruption in the locality, whether suitable alternative routes for traffic can be identified if they are required and whether there are any planned street works will all need to be taken into account before any road closure order can be made.

The Council will not charge you a fee for a road closure for a street party. The Council does recommend that you take out £5million public liability insurance, but does not require that you do so. Further information on where you can obtain public liability insurance can be found at the Street Party website

If you would like to put up decorations, bunting is likely to be acceptable but anything heavier will need special permission. In addition, the contractor responsible for the management of street lighting columns will need to give permission if organizers plan to fix decorations to these.

The Government, via its Department for Communities and Local Government, has prepared further guidance and an application form to help organizers apply for a road closure. Please complete the application form and send this to us here. All applications must be received by the end of Friday 4 May 2012.
If you wish to do this electronically, please download the form, save it and then attach it to an email to All applications must be received by the end of Friday 4 May 2012.

Mr Gurmin will liaise with Surrey County Council and advise you as soon as he can if your application is acceptable and the requested Order can be made.


Issues relating to licensing will normally only apply if you want to have a pay bar, intend to provide entertainment to the wider public, or charge to raise money for your event. If you anticipate organizing an event that includes any of these features, you may need to apply for and obtain a Temporary Event Notice. For further information on this, can be found on our Licensing site.

Public Safety

Our community safety team would also like organizers to consider the following:

  • The security of your own property whilst organizing/enjoying the event. Please lock up, as you are advertising that you are otherwise engaged, perhaps leaving it vulnerable.
  • That all alcohol should be kept under the supervision of an adult.
  • That you nominate specific individuals to deal with medical or anti-social issues.
  • That you pre-arrange your clearing up process and, if the event is likely to have substantial rubbish or recycling implications, that you make arrangements with our teams beforehand for the clearance of debris. To do this, email
  • That you think about parking issues if you are likely to have lots of additional guests with vehicles. Perhaps advise other residents who may be affected.
  • That key people on the day should be easily identifiable perhaps having name badges or similar.

We hope that these notes help you to plan your event to be as successful and enjoyable as possible. If you feel you need further assistance or guidance, please contact either our Community Safety team on 01932 425063 who will be pleased to help with safety issues relevant to the organization of the event or Mr John Gurmin on 01932 425624 if your query relates to the processing of a Road Closure.