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If you, or someone you know, does not speak English, you may find the following information useful. The Council has an arrangement with Woking Interpreting and Translation Service. You can ring: 01483 750548 and leave a message in your own language, stating what your query is. A translator will ring you back and clarify your query. If it relates to a council service, they will then ring an officer at the Council and ask the question on your behalf or explain the situation.

Woking Interpretation and Translation Service - WITS was set up in 1990 to provide trained Community Interpreters and Translators for use by members of the statutory and voluntary services in Surrey. Interpreters and Translators are trained to a nationally recognised standard in Community Interpreters' Skills and work in the strictest confidence.

It is part of Woking Association of Voluntary Services:

Translation Services for different languages

Bengali Translation service information for Bengali
Italiano Translation service information for Italian (Italiano)
Mandarin Translation service information for Chinese (Mandarin)
Polski Translation service information for Polish (Polski)
espanol Translations service information for Spanish (espanol)
Urdu Translation service information for Urdu